Simply Being

Simply Being

Simply being is the ground or basis of every occurrence; it is the unchanging awareness which reveals the ever-changing play of experience. This is dzogchen, the wholeness and completion within which we live. Dzogchen teaching recalls us to this open purity which we have never left, yet habitually disregard.

Protecting the Body, Voice & Mind of all Beings

Keep up to date with new material posted on the website to support you and all beings at this time of turbulence. Polish and Portuguese translations are (being) done.

James suggests that reading the prayers and aspirations in Radiant Aspiration: The Butterlamp Prayer Lamp of Aspiration could be very useful at this time.
In particular The Sutra of the Story of the Lamp of King Golden Hand and his Aspiration is an important way of generating merit for those who are sick and dying.
Putting the other first is at the heart of Mahayana practice and develops both wisdom and kindness. The book is printed in English, German, Polish and Spanish. You can buy it from Amazons, apart from the Polish version which you need to order from Wojciech Czajkowski at

Refuge Bodhicitta and Prostrations
Being in lockdown can be hard and the isolation difficult. It is always important to remember the power of taking refuge whereby we open ourselves up to the protection of the Enlightened Ones. In Tibet one of the most widely known and used general refuge and bodhicitta verse is the 4-line one attached here.

The physical activity of doing prostrations and chanting can give support and help you get a direct physical sense of refuge. The prostration instructions written by CR Lama. They can be applied as you chant the 4-line refuge and bodhicitta verse. If you choose to do this you should aim to synchronise one complete full prostration with one recitation of the 4-line verse.  

No ‘lung’ is necessary for doing this practice. You can do as many as you feel able to but traditionally we do at least three. Accumulating numbers is not likely to be very helpful so focus on being present with the meaning.

Simply Being

These teachings, the heart of the primordial buddha Samantabhadra, have been present in our world for many thousands of years, passed on in unbroken lineages in Tibet, and now spreading out in the world.

The ignoring of the intrinsic ground generates an illusion of subject and object as real and separate entities. Meditation reveals the delusion that manifests as separation of subject and object. With this awakening the given-ness of integration shines forth and accumulations of the tension, anxiety and assumptions that bind and restrict us are released without effort.

The purpose of this website is to offer the key points of dzogchen, illustrated with examples from everyday life. There are audio and video recordings and some transcripts of public talks and teaching retreats in Europe.

The teachings here are by James Low, according to the transmissions he received from his root teacher CR Lama and from other Nyingmapa lamas. Anyone who is interested is welcome to use this material to aid their awakening.

It is important, however, to adopt the right attitude and motivation. Traditionally the correct attitude is illustrated as follows: Do not consider the dharma to be a pod on the belly of a musk deer. Do not consider the teacher to be a musk deer. Do not consider yourself to be a hunter. Rather, see the dharma as a medicine, see the teacher as a doctor and see yourself as a sick person. Humility and gratitude are necessary to stop the ego’s tendency to feed on everything it finds. The correct motivation is that of developing one’s clarity and compassion in order to benefit all sentient beings. Worldly motivations such as seeking money, power, status and so on will pervert a pure motivation and will turn the medicine of dharma into a poison.

In order to bathe in the living stream of the dzogchen lineages it is important to make steps to gain transmission from a living teacher.

If there is some merit in this work, may it help all beings awaken.
If there is no merit, may its emptiness protect all beings from disturbance.